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Spiritual Confidence – Your 2012 Gift To Yourself

    Gather wild flowers,



drink moonlight

                                                                                                        thank the stars

                                                     Pretend you have wings and use them …….   Soar

The Messages of Image and Metaphor

I am standing before a wall that stretches across my path. I have approached it at warp speed – feet ‘on-fire’ and heart filled with optimism and enthusiasm…anything and everything is possible.  Along the way, I have studied, reflected, synthesized, envisioned, tapped my creativity, planned and learned…. I have graduated and with diploma in hand am ready to conquer the world – prepared and undoubtedly confident in my ability and fueled by heartfelt inspiration.  

Yet —- here I am standing before this wall that is an all too familiar life place….all fired up and stalled out on the trajectory. The wall is electrified with overwhelm and possibilities gone rogue.  I am reaching out toward something that seems to be turned away from me and not in the least connected to my heart’s passion. I lose inspiration in the wave of self-doubt and bewilderment that washes over me and I stop. The fire goes out and I am profoundly sad and defeated.   It is a frustrating and debilitating place to be. It feels impossibly trapped with no way out….

This little scenario was just one of many that have emerged as ‘soul speak’ through a recent series of classes I have been taking from Rue Hass (www.intuitivementoring.com). It is entitled Bright Spirit, Blocked Path. As its name implies, this course seeks to emerge the bright spirit of our innate sovereignty when it becomes mired in the stuck places of our life experiences.  Rue’s approach is a brilliant blend of using image as metaphor, spiritual inquiry and EFT to uncover our own unique solutions to what stops us. Activating the wisdom of the soul from within the boundaries of our own bodies is a powerful return to, as Rue suggests, our Sovereign Self…the vessel of our creativity, vitality and connection to our divinity.

As the inquiry with the image continues and simmers over time, perspective begins to emerge… my reaching out is also reaching into others – seeking their nod of assent so I can feel assured. I become aware of the importance of staying within my own fire. When I look outside myself for approval or support, when I lose trust in the validity and divinity of my own desire and inspiration, when I allow myself to be overwhelmed by daily demands, too many choices and perceived lost opportunities…I create the wall and I kill my passion.  I have come to see that I am the one who douses my own fire.

Spiritual Confidence

I have choice and it is simple…..stay with the fire, don’t export it – tend it, nurture it, honor it and adjust it to a slow burn…its presence is eternal.  What emerges from this is  – Spiritual Confidence. It is a grace-filled space that realigns me with my creativity, vitality and my personal boundaries. It gives me strength and uprightness.

Take a breath, chart the course on the map and follow the ‘yellow brick road’ – be singularly focused without asking permission and the wall disappears.  Take the next step with Spiritual Confidence and freedom and spaciousness return.

It is in the domain of my own fire that my Spiritual Confidence flourishes…comfortable in possibility, not stirred away from challenge, and open and allowing possibility to flood magic, miracle and grace into life.

When Grace fills your life

Being in this grace has delivered surprises…suddenly, even dire moments are tinged with a perspective that sees a bigger context. It has become clear also that all this seeking approval to soothe self-doubt is in fact a sneaky kind of waging control over my environment. Spiritual Confidence unfurls the tight fist of control and opens to allow a spacious experience.  There is a crystal sense of relaxation from always trying so hard. The knot in my gut has untied allowing more room for intuitive choice to be heard. All this from one little metaphor….miraculous indeed!

2012 Focus and Purpose

As the auspicious 2012 begins, it is my hope for everyone that Spiritual Confidence leads the initiation of every step.  May that wisdom assist in creating trust in your ability to navigate and flow with the inevitable tides of change and challenge on your path and may we all come to fully comprehend that we are immortal travelers of sovereign lineage.

“We see more than we can tell and we understand more than we see….we are seeing with our inner eyes the spirit of life, with animal and human believing in life’s Magic, Mysteries and Miracles.” (taken from a coffee cup quote by Laurel Burch)