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  • Join us on an expansive journey of discovery to peel back the layers of daily living in order to view life's spiritual perspective that is of soul importance. -Emerge an approach to living that can forever change the way you do your life. -Gain new insights, open to the metaphysical aspects of life experiences. -Learn the precious gift of self-inquiry and become more aware of the transformative forces at play in all that you find out. We invite you to join us, read our posts, leave comments, link to us. Want to know more about who we are and what we do? Check out our website www.emergingsoul.co
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    We are training for EFT certification right now. Our new classes will include this powerful tool as a unique way to work with Voice Dialogue. Visit our Class page for details and sign up menu - when these classes are available - keep checking back!
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About Us

Our parent business is life coaching and through The Emerging Soul, we teach teleclasses and trainings focused on consciousness, awareness and manifesting as a way to introduce you to a new perspective of yourself and those with whom you are in relationship.

We look forward to an expansive journey of discovery with you as we focus on discussions about current issues through the lens of the spiritual and metaphysical. We hope to include in our sharing, instructive information that will also provide guidance and opportunities for you to reflect,  renew and remember who you truly are. At the heart of the coaching and teaching work we do is a process called “Voice Dialogue” (a powerful modality that is  the language of conscious communication with psyche) and we will often use this profound technique to illustrate how it offers an approach to living that will forever change your perceptions and your sense of the wholeness of your identity.

We invite you to join us, read our posts, leave comments, link to us, and to check out our website www.theemergingsoul.co  for further information on who we are and what we do.

About Terry Kinnard

Terry’s life has been one of adventure and exploration. Using meditation and spiritual inquiry he has traveled the world seeking the  knowledge that would bring him to a deeper understanding of himself and the world.

He spent much of his early twenties as a submarine sailor traveling underneath many of the world’s major oceans. Following his stint in the  U.S. Navy, he earned Bachelors Degrees in Business and Computer Science and embarked on a career in Software Engineering. His ability to lead resulted in several management positions including Director of Software Quality Assurance for a large telecom company. As a Director, he emerged his ability to lead a 560-employee organization spread across 22 states.

During Terry’s 20 + years in software development and management, he continued his robust thirst for self-knowledge and spiritual development. He followed many pursuits as a yoga instructor, meditation teacher, and part-time coach. Following his departure from the telecom company, he embarked on a full time career in life coaching. He trained under Debbie Ford and attained a Master Certification in Coaching and Training from the Debbie Ford Institute. Terry attended Pacifica Graduate Institute and completed a six-month course in Dream Tending. Most recently, he is a graduate of the Leadership University’s B/Coach (business coaching) program.

Terry has trained with Judith Tamar Stone (daughter of Hal Stone, co-founder of the Voice Dialogue Process). He has successfully completed Voice Dialogue Levels 1,2,3 and Train the Trainer instruction.

Terry utilizes his extensive background and training to help people and business see and overcome obstacles in achieving goals and objectives. He specializes in relationship, money awareness and acquisition (abundance), life purpose, and career choice and development.

Terry has led several coaching tele-seminars and recently co-developed the Emergent Coaching Process to facilitate the actions necessary for people and business to experience sustainable change.

Contact Terry

About Kellie Poulin

Kellie Poulin-Kinnard
Kellie’s life has spanned the continuum of experience from the scientific to the spiritual. She spent 20 years of her working life in the aviation industry. She is a pilot and has had the unique privilege of becoming qualified to fly a WWII aircraft in formation at air shows.

Her current life’s passion and profession of the past 10 years is that of transpersonal life coach and teacher. She received an associate diploma in spiritual psychotherapy from Transformational Arts College in Toronto, Canada in 2000. During her tenure there, she became a member of the faculty where she taught emotional healing and spiritual development courses, was on staff at the resident Counseling Clinic and also had a private psychotherapy practice. She holds an undergraduate degree with a concentration in Transpersonal Psychology from Union Institute and University in Cinncinati Ohio. She is a Reiki practitioner, holds a certificate in Body Psychotherapy, is a certified Past Life Regression facilitator. She has a private coaching practice in Denver, Colorado. She has successfully completed Levels I, II and III and Train the Trainer instruction in Voice Dialogue which she has studied with Judith Tamar Stone (daughter of the founder of the process) over the past 10 years. She utilizes Voice Dialogue as the foundation of her coaching practice.

Her deepest desire is for her clients to discover their own miraculous Selves and fall in love with all of who they are. She sees all life experience as a heart-sent messenger inviting self-inquiry and soul perspective. She supports clients to experience transformed, loving relationships with themselves, others, their spirituality and their life’s work.

She considers writing, editing, flying and inhaling the exquisite sunshine of Colorado the other gifts of her life.

She is ecstatic to be a co-creator of The Emerging Soul as its courses and philosophy combine the best of personal experience, collaborative loving connection and above all – universal wisdom.

Contact Kellie

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  1. Thank you so much, Sally..happy that you enjoy our work- we hope to have more regular posts in the near future. Are there any topics you would be interested in having us share our views?

  2. Hello, Carol – glad that you are enjoying our life-sharings – We really don’t have any one ‘go to’ guy but our “What We Are Reading” page might shed some light on what and who we are inspired by.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Feel free to join our RSS feed to receive our posts as they are written.

  3. Provocative. May I add your blog to my link exchange directory?

  4. Hi you Two,
    Would you be interested in trading blog links?
    If so, mines is “Metaphysical Healing USA” – http://metaphysicalusa.blogspot.com/
    Check the link, I already added yours under friends.. Just let me know.. Thanks, Danny

    • Hi Danny – we have added you as a link on our blog – thanks for connecting – looking forward to sharing ideas and focus !

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