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The YELLING UNIVERSE – Conscious Actions of the Heart

Do you understand what I am saying?

Have you ever noticed how your voice gets louder when you are trying to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak your language? It’s as if speaking louder is akin to speaking in tongues… as if getting louder somehow transcends the language barrier and forcefully deliver the desired message in a format that the other person will magically comprehend!

The level of loud is directly proportional to the level of desire to communicate and the urgency of the message.

the language of the Universe in healing

As absurd as this sounds, we have all had this experience or witnessed it.

Seeking the Language of the Universe in Healing

Recently, I had the distinct displeasure of engaging a similar behavior while trying to enact ‘instant health’ onto Terry by YELLING all the health inducing actions that were required. It wasn’t exactly yelling but it was urgent enough to feel like it and be received as such. I admit my action was the result of feeling squeezed and constricted with no choice as I watched his health deteriorate.

It seemed there was no other way to cut through the fortress of pain that had rendered any other type of communication impossible. But, I was speaking the language of health to the consciousness of someone who was lost in the language of illness.  Like trying to connect with someone whose language was not mine, I was YELLING HEALTH.

The YELLING erupted from somewhere deep in my solar plexus. It was unedited, insistent and inspired by a heartfelt desire to create an awakened state that opened a new course of action. I was pushing an outcome and unconsciously lighting a way out of the status quo. It felt like I had tapped into a Divine conduit that gushed a message of healing through me. It insinuated itself rudely because, just as we get frustrated trying to get our message across to someone who does not speak our language, the yell for well-being was trying desperately to convey the direction out of the suffering.

Conscious inspiration for healing from the Universe

The Divine Language of  the Universe

Life circumstances often conspire to interject transformation. Sometimes we hear its subtle whispers and sometimes, we are in another realm of reality unable to open to the guidance that would show us the elegant, grace-filled path of our heart and truth. It is always available to us but we operate in the language of the physical universe and the communication is offered in Universe-speak.

True to the formula, things need to get louder, and so, our accommodating Universe obliges. As our lives get more constricted and difficult, we struggle. “Sorry, I am busy struggling here, I have no idea what you are yelling at me!”  The guidance gets louder. We struggle some more and the volume increases by a factor of the urgency of the message. Finally, something breaks through and by some fated experience, the light shines into the endarkened cave of our misery. Suddenly, the communication is clear and we hear what we are being told….. the way out opens up.

In Terry’s case, his health issues have conspired to consistently create suffering and less and less capability to run/ escape or otherwise ignore the life choices in support of old habits and ways of living that need to shift. His physical struggle collided with the Universe YELLING to be heard.  On the inside of the wall of confinement, the message seeped in, forcing important questions – What really matters? What is my passion? What is my vision? How do I emerge from this impossible situation?   In quick response, the answers are flooding into consciousness.

the lighted path of the language of the Unvierse

Comprehending your Truth

When you are finally ready to listen, finally ready to move – things start to respond to your heart’s blueprint and change occurs. In the case of speaking to someone whose language is not yours, the clear indication of success is evidenced by a nod or some action that complies with your communication.

For our story, there is a sense of peace and focus and freedom to choose that seeps in with the perverbial Universal Yell.  What was fear and despair is now effort, action and spiritual realignment with your own personal mission in this physical reality.

So, if you are overwhelmed by the circumstances of your life, become aware of the infinite patience of Universal communication.  It comes in the form of urges, invitations, impulses to act. Watch your emails. Look at what pops up in your daily noticings. Meditate. Breathe into possibility.

We are here to navigate according to the map that our heart holds….it is not so much about purpose as it is about what gives us a clear connection to Divine tranquility and we can trust the Universe to point the way in the language of that Divinity. Like our attempts to speak to those whose language is not ours, the Universe  finds a way to get our message to us  even if it means exaggerated gestures, increased vocal volume and just a plain “in your face” stance. Trust that there is always a way!

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