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The Ebb and Flow of this ‘Life Purpose’ Jazz!

It seems the last post has more to give! This gives such context to all with which we struggle….enjoy its awareness….

As I read further in Fate and Destiny by Michael Meade, another passage needs sharing – here it is as direct quote.  Feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts and insights.  Where do you stand on the concept Life Purpose? (eye rolling doubter or heartfelt believer?)

“In this world each wake up call is an opportunity to turn back to the conversation with the divine. {..} Life is the necessary illusion from which we drink as well as the circumstantial waters in which we drown again and again. That is the truth as well as the illusion of it. We are each on a mysterious errand and the great beauty of this world requires that we both forget and at times remember it.  …. {..} ….we are closer to an awakening and to a turning point whenever we reach the end of our rope and feel that we have lost everything again. Then, we either fall apart or else we find the thread of destiny that pulls everything together and opens the path before us again”

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