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Our Bodies Speak The Pain of Trauma – A National and Personal Crisis

….so many people were in pain that their numbers were greater than the capacity of a world class medical facility like Mayo Clinic

I called yesterday to get some information and make an appointment at Mayo Clinic for Terry. The temporary measures we had chosen to abate  chronic pain issues were working but not addressing the source of the problem. It was clear that we could not continue in this interim existence without some causal resolutions to recovery.  To my absolute astonishment and shock, I was told that Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota was not accepting any new patients in their Pain Management/Rheumatology department because they were overwhelmed and could barely keep up with the patients they already were serving!  Really? Mayo Clinic was no longer accepting anyone who presented with arthritic symptoms and pain?     Stunning!

As I hung up the phone with the apology of the receptionist still ringing in my ears, I pondered the import of this revelation…so many people were in pain/arthritic conditions that their numbers were greater than a world class medical facility could handle….it was cold comfort to realize at least we weren’t the only ones in need of healing. The seeming epidemic proportions of this dis-ease started a cascade of awareness and questions.  A quick Google search of statistics on pain confirmed my personal experience at Mayo Clinic:

It is estimated by National Health Statistics that 76.2 million Americans suffer from pain maladies.

This  exceeds the incidences of heart disease, diabetes and cancer combined!

What was going on in America that might be manifesting  this flood of pain and arthritis? From a metaphysical perspective, it would suggest some  inability to move freely or being frozen with ? fear? such that motion is inhibited or halted….not beyond the realm of possibility given the national condition these days… but, is there more to this? what could be at the core of the stats that show such a nation-wide malaise? ……

Pain is the Body’s Message about Stored Trauma

Last year as we wrestled with the first appearance of this pain experience in Terry, we discussed what purpose the presence of pain served at this juncture of life. We could see how it offered a handy (albeit unpleasant) way to avoid the overwhelm of uncertainty and change abounding in the issues of present and scary life demands. In this latest revisit to our  ‘pain edifice’, we discovered more layers of its potential message and it  lead us into some interesting territory….including anthroposophic medicine, homeopathy, alternative uses for prescription drugs, and most recently, a shining gem of a book entitled:

The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process by David Berceli, PhD.

“Life is stressful, anxiety provoking, and frequently traumatic. The result is that many of us are hurting and often we are unaware of how deep our pain runs” …David Berceli, PhD

From this book we have come to understand how deeply we all are impacted by traumatic life experiences including those of the people with whom we interact and live. Traumas from past and present life events are stored in the body as energy.  These traumas run the full spectrum from large to small- does 9/11 ring a national bell? the economic crisis that has created unemployment, fear and distress nationwide? the political wrangling that continues to create imbalance and heated national discord? tsunami’s and earthquakes worldwide and suffering of so many in the wake of Indonesia, Haiti? Personal issues of abuse, loss, aggression, even seemingly insignificant events like almost being in a car accident or cut off in traffic all leave their mark on our bodies and psyches. Much like Mayo Clinic,  the body eventually exceeds its capacity to support the effects of these events and it begins to exhibit symptoms of overflow as pain. Once again, the image of the overflowing waiting rooms at Mayo Clinic offer insight into how many of us carry the scars of trauma that can manifest in chronic, unresolved pain. We appear to be a nation collectively rendered  powerless and vulnerable in the face of the events of our lives.  In our instant-fix culture, medication seems to offer the only avenue of resolution….thus the high demand for medical intervention

our experience has been that medical intervention is sometimes necessary but it is a band-aid not an ultimate resolution to the underlying causes of pain…..

—- The Trauma Release Process is a brilliant, simple technique devised from the wisdom and knowledge of Dr. David Bercelli who has traveled world-wide teaching 7 simple exercises that allow the body to naturally release the effects of trauma that manifest in the physical, mental and emotional. His body of work was developed from extensive personal experiences and his global work in treating and teaching people techniques to heal from trauma.

To bring this into a personal platform,  Terry’s pain is potentially a symptom of unresolved trauma and no matter what drug, medical or alternative treatment he undertakes, the source of that trauma is only suppressed not released.  For us, it is key to get to the source – if you will permit an aviation navigation analogy – find the pointy end of the needle and follow where it points!

That is our present personal mission and it seems that this did not just appear ‘out of the blue’ – it is in response to our prayers -asking on a spiritual level for healing – true healing and for our ability to live as our true Self – as beings empowered by our potential not dis-empowered by external events that dictate behaviors in direct opposition to who we truly are.

Imagine a wide-angle view of our world with every person holding tools to empower his/her own healing from pain….

Could it be that  our personal existential transformation is simply a snippet of the self-same unfolding at a national level? Are we nationally flocking to the medication route because we are unaware of any other alternative or we are unwilling to endure another minute of debilitating pain?  Perhaps this is a bifurcation point where we have the option to make a different choice, reach deep and find lasting resolutions to our internal maladies and afflictions so that we may live outwardly as whole human beings aware and engaged in peaceful and meaningful lives on a healed planet. This one publication offers such opportunity to anyone who would engage its simple yet profound healing process. Taking action on our own behalf rather than expecting someone else to take responsibility for us is the essence of what we are called to do….

If we make that choice I can  imagine those overfilled waiting rooms at Mayo Clinic empty and silent.   Imagine a wide-angle view of our world with every person having these tools at their disposal ….authentic autonomy through resolution of personal crisis.  The peace that image imparts is testimony to what is possible and,  if you can feel it, it is real!

Adversity introduces a man to himself.  ~Author Unknown

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