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Health Care Reform -Reforming the Nature of Who We Are

Health Care Reform wars

It is easy to get pretty ‘whigged out’ about some of the rhetoric flying in the media these days. It seems as if there are segments of the population of America who have reverted to their instinctual natures and are living from some encrypted prehistoric guidance system that bears no resemblance to civility or our supposed evolutionary progress of the past few thousand years. The focus of their derision is, of course, the hotly controversial issue of Health Care Reform. At its most superficial, it is ‘anti-government interventionist who wants no federal or state interference and resists any change to the status quo’ pitted against ‘those who believe that health care is a right of citizenship and should be extended to everyone..something which only the government can mandate. On a deeper level, it belies more esoteric principles of  self-interest versus compassion for the needs of others.

As a country, the Health Care Reform process has led us down a twisted and tormented path that has unleashed fear of epic proportions, has torn away any semblance of unity and common ground for mutual respect, has emerged some of the most twisted logic, obstructionist behavior and outrageous lies and has left most of the population aghast at the whole spectacle. In the midst of the furor, it might be difficult to imagine  a possible outcome of all this venom. When we observe the health care debates over the past year we realize how confrontational and disconnected we have become. When we add to that the jagged landscape of the political arena and the protests, anger and global issues,  it is less of a stretch to entertain that we are indeed on the highway to hell!   than it is to try to pull something positive out of this morass.

Indeed, discussions around our kitchen table often turn to sharing the sadness at how we have traded  our potential for deep compassion towards each other and soul awareness of our singular human endeavor on this planet, for a greedy,  fear-based fortressing of ourselves against anyone who would even try to take the possessions we have amassed. Accompanying this we have developed a distrust of all but our ‘like-brethren’.  If nothing else, we are being awakened to who we are through the back-door – by encountering the stark and shocking truth of who we have become as a consequence of our fears.

If one ascribes to the belief that there is wisdom in all things,  what are we being  asked to uncover in this experience?

We are shifting in spite of ourselves and it is toward an expansive truth about wellness

If we look underneath the surface of these eruptive times, there is a movement afoot that sits just out of view. Like seeds germinating in winter, it sleeps just out of sight gathering energy and growing, waiting for the optimum time to poke through into consciousness – to grow into a mature force that aligns with the transformative truth that vectors us toward a new paradigm of existence.  Today, there is a general understanding that we are governed not so much by the tangible world we can touch as by the unseen that is the source of what we touch.  That it is time for shifting away from old ways  is clear. We can no longer sustain our unconscious ways and expect this planet to support our ravages forever.  The vehicle of this change has been gathering momentum. It grows stealthily in group discussions. It emerges quietly in leading edge discoveries that suggest we are way more powerful than we have been lead to believe. A not-so-quiet billion dollar industry in alternative health and wellness is the vanguard of this wave of change.  Not fully a citizen of the health care world yet, its  growth is slowed by status quo processes that are more about profit than about well-being for all even though they purport to support health. Nonetheless, it grows as a consequence of the new direction we are guided toward.

The good news – Our humanity can flourish

Our true compassion for each other and  deep-seated desire to connect and support life as it was meant to be lived…with ease, grace and Divinely in touch is evidenced by  stories  that speak to our capacity to act from our best nature.  In the overwhelming outpouring of aid and support that followed the devastating Haiti earthquake, something in that raw display of human suffering touched a chord of our humanity – and we responded.

In a small town in Nebraska where no primary health care was possible,  a hometown nurse practitioner opened up a clinic to serve the needs of its residents. It would be an insignificant event if it were not contrasted against the backdrop of current day assembly-line medical processes and big-business drug based health care. This clinic provides the kind of care that has somehow been lost in the clamor to maximize production and meet escalating monetary demands at most medical facilities today. It is a winning combination of quality service to those who need it and personal connection that is not something we know today.  A quote from the nurse practitioner says it all “I can take as long as I want, without someone saying I need to speed up my time with patients.”  A smile of satisfaction and rightness shines in every word.

Lest you think this is an isolated experience, I would submit that humanitarian and connected health care is a growing movement. Another interesting bit of information in this story indicated that “while the number of doctors going into primary care declined by a third between 1998 and 2008, physician assistants and nurse practitioners working in the field has grown by about 75 percent in the past 10 years.”…this translates into more compassionate care.

This same perspective has always existed within the alternative medicine industry. The homeopathic and natural supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar endeavor world-wide.  Within that milieu, there is an expansive perspective about health and wellness – that it encompasses the whole human being and it holds that self-same space for healing that was evident with the nurse practitioner in Nebraska.

Leading Edge Healing Modalities

In our own recent health crises, we have uncovered clinics, curatives and processes that are more of the hopeful variety of healing possibilities. One such protocol is a system called – NES (Nutri Energetic Systems)  Health (www.neshealth.com). It offers a leading edge healing modality that can shift the very energetic information field that surrounds each of us and provide repaired information to the physical body for optimum function. It sees the human on a broad continuum of interactive, dynamic processes and honors the magnificence of the miracle.

In our household, we often use healing techniques such as Quantum Entrainment and Matrix Energetics to take care of health concerns. They are the new medicine cabinet residents. They cost nothing and they work.  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is rapidly becoming mainstream and can be found in more traditional medical settings these days.

Returning to a new version of our wellness

The very nature of the angst around offering affordable Health Care Reform to all suggests that we are pushing against our deeper nature. If we let go, open to what is already waiting to emerge, and allow the magic of what we are discovering, we will  intuitively recognize our innate capacity to heal ourselves.  and when the bloom of that knowing pushes into consciousness then true Health Care Reform will have been enacted.

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  1. Hi from France! I have found your page on google. Handy content! Angela E. King x

    • thanks and welcome to our site – glad you liked it ,
      Angela -we just started a new blog – changeyourhealthforgood.com – feel free to browse

  2. I really appreciate your writing style. This is a great post! Thanks!

  3. I’m glad I chose to read this one. Nice work!

    • Thanks, Tresa – I would love to know what you found of interest in the article? Happy that you found us!

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