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Unconditional Love – Healing and Discovering Pristine Peace and Happiness -Part 2


Trust and Unconditional Love – Expressions of our God-ness

We recently visited a Matrix Energetics practitioner as part of our search for answers to a mysterious malady that has been the focus of the past two months. As the health issues originally surfaced when we attended a Matrix Energetics training weekend, we felt that an exploration in this same arena might reveal solution. We got waay more than we hoped for….. More than anything else, we were returned to consciousness – a consciousness that included the truth that we have dominion over our state of well-being because we are intimately connected to the quantum field of all possibility. It was one of those “knock yourself on the head and say ‘I could have had a V8’ ” moments — of course we are both the navigators and experiencers of our path….of course we can shift any field of belief to which we have been subjugated by the limited perspective of others to whom we have given our power and…..of course we are God.

How is it that we more often forget these tiny little facts more than we remember them? How is it we forget to trust in our indestructible connection to our quantum soul? What is it about trust that is so difficult to depend on?  Time and again I forget that I have a partner in this physical life with whom I am traveling our trajectory and with whom I share the blessings and challenges of everyday living. I forget to remember that I am not alone as I lay awake in the night digging deep for resources to continue to maintain our established lifestyle…as if I alone am responsible.  I forget to remember to trust that support is as close as opening my eyes to all that is before me waiting to be invited to participate. I forget to trust in the bi-directional nature of unconditional love as the foundation upon which my life is built.

Here is a great story to illustrate:

Our office is located in a historic mansion in downtown area of Denver. From the first moment we discovered it, it felt like home and we easily settled into a tiny space on the top floor of the structure. We created a peaceful, supportive atmosphere where we taught courses, assisted clients and often discussed with each other the rigors of life in the 21st century. We always felt nurtured in that space and because it was such an integral part of us, we were saddened to have to tender our notice to move out recently. It was a decision that was not made easily but economy dictated the prudent action. Then there was the issue of dispensing with the furniture and accessories. Once again, alone in the world, we struggled to advertise, ask anyone we knew to get the word out that we had merchandise available at ‘fire sale’ prices. It all felt slightly desperate – we had failed and we were now on the ‘slidy’ side of a downward vector into hopelessness. Add to this the medical issues that had erupted into our reality and we were less than exuberant about anything….it was the perfect storm of conspiracy to forget who we truly were. The dense fog into which we had sailed was surely about to guide us into a crashing demise on the rocky shore…

Then, inexplicably, I had an intuitive hit to contact the owner to see if he had any desire to purchase the furniture from us. He announced that not only was he interested in our furniture, but,  because there were other therapists in the building in a similar situation,  he had decided to turn our office into a counseling space that anyone (including us!!) could rent as needed !! Needless to say, we enthusiastically jumped onboard  with this new plan and now have our furniture for which we have been paid, our office which we were so despondent to leave, and we are free of the financial responsibility of monthly rent…literally having our cake and eating it too ….

Participating in the Quantum Law of Unconditional Love

What we were carrying in our heart was a true, loving connection to the building and to our office and to our work there….it was a place in which we were deeply held in the presence of unconditional love – and unconditional love materialized the solution to our desire…. At the depth of forgetting how creative we can be, we were reminded in the most exquisite way that we are always able to embody our desires in this physical reality….when we collaborate from the purity of heart that is limitless love. We can literally reach beyond our bounded life and pull in a solution that is aligned, joyful and fully participates in our soul’s bidding…in fact, it IS our soul’s bidding.

The interesting truth about this experience as a micro mirror of all experience is its unique relationship to unconditional love – there was nothing but deep love and connection with the space, even the sadness belied the essence of regard we carried…and it wasn’t a conscious demand “I will manifest this” that is the rational mind experience. It was simply a natural unfolding of what is possible. It was an intimate reminder that trust and love source from the intelligence of our heart’s prayer that is always heard and always answered.  The consciousness of the presence of trust and love is revealed on the back end of the results – by simply loving where we were and acknowledging our deep connection there, we were given the sweetest of all possible outcomes – a definitive moment to relax into gratitude and another lesson in the power of trust in unconditional love emerging the best solution beyond any we could make up .


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