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Home, Sacred Space and Order at the Heart of Happiness

Guest Post by Connie – thank you Connie for this sharing and much success in your business which finds the Sacred in Order!

I caught this story a few weeks ago on CNN:
Marie Douglas-David, a 36 year old Swedish countess, is divorcing her husband, George David a former CEO, and says she can’t live on $43 million. She wants $100 million in cash and stock, plus $130,000.00 a month in alimony. It went on to say that her husband’s weekly living expenses were somewhere in the range of $200,000.00.

We’ve all heard the saying “money can’t buy happiness”. But do we really believe that? If you look into the lives of most Americans we don’t seem to believe it at all. The behavior of most Americans would support the belief that happiness is found in accumulating more things, material pursuits and presenting the right image. The lie of our culture is that owning more stuff will lead to more happiness. While keeping up with the Joneses is part of American culture, comparing ourselves to others is damaging our happiness and self-esteem.

In his recent book, “The High Price of Materialism”, psychologist and researcher, Tim Kasser demonstrated that people whose values center on accumulation of wealth or material possessions face a greater risk of unhappiness including anxiety, depression, low-self esteem and problems with intimacy. Money seekers also score lower on tests of vitality and self-actualization. Other researchers have shown that once we have sufficient food, shelter and clothing, further materialistic gains do little to improve our well being. Many scientists believe that over-consumption is one of the problems threatening the well-being, and integrity of the earth’s eco-system.

Nowhere is this over-consumption more evident than in people’s homes. People’s lives are out of control and this chaos is reflected in their homes. People feel overwhelmed and the outward manifestation of this is the sheer volume of stuff in their environments. It’s hard for people to feel secure and centered, when they can’t find the floor beneath them. Too much stuff, too much clutter, too much consumption, paralyzed by stuff they don’t need. What does your home say about you? Are you out of touch with who you are, or deeply aware? Is your environment a sacred space that allows you to be yourself? Outer depends on inner. Your outer environment, regardless of whether you live in a home, apartment or a room, is a mirror of what’s going on inside of you. Your dwelling is your emotional, physical – essentially the energetic base for your life.

This energy or “life force” which has been recognized and used for centuries by ancient cultures has now been acknowledged today in our modern culture. The National Institutes of Health has strongly endorsed acupuncture which is based on this life force or “chi”. “Energy Healing” and related practices that affect bodily chi, are now mainstream and have been effective enough in promoting healing that they are now covered by many insurance policies. In a world that seems out of control, your home needs to provide a sanctuary of stability. This chi is the “energizing medium” or “connectivity” through which all of life works. And it can be worked with directly. Your home is not merely square footage – your home is your ally. Many Americans, some by choice, others by force, are choosing to downshift. People across the country are re-evaluating how they live their lives. People want balance, more connection and a more conscious life. Simplicity and happiness and a reconnection with the earth are the moving force that underlies this new movement. People want a return to the sacred. People are now discriminating between what helps them attain their goals and highest aspirations and what acts as distractions. Building with souls and gardens of spirit.


But where do you start. Here are a few suggestions.

First, have a desire – the desire to change.
Create a vision for your new life. Write down in detail exactly what you want. Never underestimate the power of having a vision. What is the vision of the life you want to live? What do you want your home to do for you? How do you want to feel when you walk into your home? You are the inventor and you get to make things up. Sages from every religious and philosophical background have said that what you put your attention on will grow in your life. So put your attention on what you want. And dream big! Do you want to come home to a space that welcomes you? Do you want a home that is healing and enhances the relationships of the people who live there? Maybe you don’t know what you want. Then that’s one of your desires. You could write it down in this way, “I will find out what I want, what will make me happy and provide meaning in my life”. I will clean out the basement to support my new transformation. I will de-clutter the kitchen counters. I will make the spare bedroom my new sanctuary. Take your time – dig deep. Well begun is half done.

Second, live with intention.
Living with intention – the more intentional you are in your choices the more change makes room for more changes. The power of intention resides in your mind – in your thoughts. You can use your thoughts to change your life. People who are wildly successful and fulfilled use their mind. They use their mind to design the kind of life they want and the person they want to become. Your thoughts, your intentions will open you up to endless potential – All Possibilities!

Third, Take Action
Take your desire and intention and then move into action. All the best desires and intentions do nothing unless one takes action. All the good thoughts in the world do nothing unless they manifest as results. And that takes action. You have to make 15 minutes available to clear the kitchen counter. You have to find the time to write down your goals. You have to commit to the process. No one else can do it. Energy is moved when you move. Your dream life will manifest when the desire is clear, the intent is focused and you move into action.

You can create a new vision, a new dream, a new life, one focused on more meaning rather than money, more connection than consumption. The chi of place and people interact. You can clear out bad energy and generate energy that sustains joy and health, loving relationships and conscious living. Your home can be your sanctuary – even your sacred space. With desire, intention and action you can start now.

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