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“Hurry Up and Wait” -the mantra of charter pilots and a metaphor for life

From Kellie:


Years ago when I worked at a charter/scheduled airline in Canada, there was a phenomenon that occurred often with aircraft  charters.   Here is how it went – a customer would call up to charter an aircraft for a specific time; we would find air crew, arrange refreshments, get the aircraft ready to go at the appointed time – sometimes at great inconvenience and haste to be ‘on-time’… then we would begin the long wait for the customer to arrive so we could depart…thus the “Hurry Up and Wait” mantra came into being.  Like the  scenes in a movie that depict the passage of time by showing a character in a series of different positions in the same chair, we would wait and wait and wait and wait some more….refreshments would be returned to the refrigerator then more waiting ……suddenly, the doors of the waiting lounge would fly open, the customer would finally arrive and the chartered flight would begin…at long last, action and successful completion of the task at hand!

It seems that we often encounter a similar experience in pursuit of our personal goals – we start by doing  everything we think we need to do to act upon our focus. We take appropriate steps to get prepared and are full of purpose and direction. Then at some point when we have completed everything we know how to do,  we wait……………. Now what? It is as if we see our destination ( personal vision) across a great amorphous chasm – not at all accessible but clearly seen. How do we get across this abyss? What is it anyway?  Like the charter pilot waiting on the customer, we can spend a great deal of time in this spot frozen in time and space- shifting positions but not really moving.  We can even begin to adapt to this place – it is a comfortable place really. No need to do anything, no compulsion or propulsion to move. Yet we can imagine all the greatness of our vision from here – what it will look like when it is completed, accomplished. In this place there is no risk, no failure AND no action.
It seems to me that often we all get caught up in this ‘hurry up [to get ready] and wait [for something to take us to the next step]’ game. In the flying analogy, until the customer arrives to kick the flight into gear, we wait – all prepared – but we wait! When the customer arrives, we go! The customer is the physical initiator – the person with whom we made a contract to deliver a service whose arrival is a clearly defined  embarkation point.

In life, that contract for service is with ourselves and our personal vision. It is not so easily identified and defined. The impetus to begin the next phase of action is internal and perhaps less exacting.  In our life waiting lounge, before we launch toward our vision, all our stuff comes up: – our fears of unknown outcomes, our doubts about our capabilities, our insecurities, our worries, our hopes, our beliefs  and if we look hard enough, we might even discover some excitement. It can be an overwhelming place. It can freeze us into immobile statues staring at the horizon to which we want to travel but are unable to take a step toward.  Sometimes it is easier to stand on the edge of action and pretend we are going to start. Occasionally, we peer into that amorphous chasm and have the urge to jump in but we don’t….until….we kick ourselves into gear……we are our own customers! We are wholly and completely in charge of both our flight and our destination….how cool is that?

Let’s say this real flight occurs on a clear night when there is a full moon. I can tell you that there is no more magical or spiritual an experience as this. Caped in darkness, gliding between the moon and stars above and the carpet of city lights below – it is as awe inspiring as it gets. So too, when we decide to see through the eyes of excitement and inspiration, we can choose to be open to some magic as we journey to destination. This blog you are reading is a personal magic carpet ride – when we first began to create it, it felt pretty ordinary, slow moving and actually the exact example of what we just said….it took from June 2008 to early 2009 before any new posts were made and became a regular weekly event…we are unfrozen and flying to our destination of business success.  It started with a manifesting workshop we held locally and sourced from the inspiration of the participants who are also on their journeys as a result.When I look at the blog now, I can see how it is growing and becoming alive. We get comments from people we don’t know! Every little action changes something in the big picture for us. It is with the greatest gratitude and love that we watch this expression of our desires evolve.

So if you find yourself in a “hurry up and wait” mode – know that you can do something about it – it is your call. Also know that it is an integral part of the whole unfolding of the greatest iteration of who you are. Use the ‘waiting’ to ask what is next, to chart your course, to deal with your frozen state and then enjoy every spiritual, physical, mental and emotional moment of the flight to your vision — it is worth it because it will change and empower you !restless

Sometimes you just have to take the leap and make your wings on the way down!

In closing, I want to thank the participants of our local Manifesting Workshop who have been community and support. In fact, we have become that for each other and it is exciting to see all the forward steps they are taking – to them:  Thank you – ‘clap your hands’ fun – abiding connection!

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  1. […] Steve posted a noteworthy aricle today onHere’s a small snippetThird Space Chronicles – The Emergent Coach’s Blog About Coaching, Voice Dialogue and the Metaphysical · Entries RSS | Comments RSS …. the leap and make your wings on the way down! In closing, I want to thank the participants of our local Manifesting Workshop who have been community and support. In fact, we have become that for each other and it is exciting to see all the forward steps they are taking – to them: Thank you – ‘clap your hands’ fun – abiding connection! … […]

  2. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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