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Chaos, Opportunity and the Power in Change

from Kellie:

We just returned from a conference called Families in Global Transition where we presented a workshop on how Voice Dialogue and its transformative process is supportive to families and individuals who spend the better part of their lives as global nomads – moving from posting to posting either in military, missionary or corporate work environments. The effects on all family members is substantial and this conference has been providing essential resources for the past 11 years to assist, listen and support adjusting to unfamiliar cultures as well as repatriation when the tour of duty is over. We were honored to be offering a new approach that clearly (our perspective) provided another tool for grappling with the monumental changes that ensue when relocation is a ‘normal’ life occurrence. As we proceeded with our presentation, the question arose about the category of our coaching – was it coaching or therapy? On the surface, it was an innocent enough inquiry but an answer was not readily available nor was it anything we had even considered as significant to our message. Yet this one question still perturbs and in the search for a  succinct response, much has emerged. From that one item, a plethora of further questions have surfaced:

Why does this one question stay with us beyond all else we experienced in this conference? What has rankled our vulnerability here? Is this about a clash of science vs spirituality? Are we on the verge of a paradigm consciousness shift and the set structure of recognized therapy is being replaced by something ‘not coaching’ ‘not therapy’ – something yet un-named? If that is so, what chaos does it introduce into the present therapeutic reality that is certain and known to be effective? Are there hidden, potentially harmful dangers lurking in the intuitive, spiritually guided processes – the sacred space within which non-judgment, curiosity and creativity co-habit? How is it that our approaches often support powerful shifts and changes in perspective even though we might follow uncharted therapeutic paths?

Certainly our vulnerability had been uncovered in this one question and as is the standard of the work we do in Voice Dialogue – we have invited deeper exploration of the issue – willingly, with curiosity and a conscious effort to illuminate what is underneath the question.
What has emerged and is still in process is this:  It seems an unmistakable truth that we are in transition – as individuals and as members of a global community…even as the earth itself!  Perhaps part of that change requires comparable shifts in how we operate in all areas of our existence – in perceptions of health, well-being, finance, connection to each other and in defining who we are and why we are here. Perhaps we are witnessing the breaking down of systems and previous ‘truths’ so that a new reality can emerge that mirrors the immensity of quantum reality and our ability to shape our lives and experiences by consciously accessing its unbounded potential. Out of the chaos of demise rises the phoenix of change, opportunity and empowerment?

It seems that Change is the national/global/personal buzzword these days….certainly the economy has been an agent for living differently, finding what is important and navigating the shifting sands of impermanence. Without question, these are circumstances that create chaos and vulnerability. The American government and many icons of corporate presence are fighting ‘turf wars’ to preserve the status quo. These actions reflect our quintessential resistance to change and demonstrate how we cling to the known and mistrust the unknown.  It would seem insane to be acting like this except for the realization that we are not only in a chaotic situation but also in a state of paradigm shifting of consciousness. When vulnerability is triggered, our structure wobbles and in the resulting chaos, all efforts focus on safety and self-preservation. By shoring up what was, we build a fortress against the vagaries of change. Ironically, it is opening up that fortress to something we cannot quantify but intuitively sense that is the light of opportunity and innovation. Have we disconnected ourselves from the innate trust in our ability and capability in favor of control?

The vulnerability we experienced as we tried to answer a simple question about our work is the micro version of the macro vulnerability that so many are trying to protect by maintaining the status quo.  It did not escape our consciousness that the cohort of people with whom we had just spent the weekend are very used to this sort of change – it is in fact their life and perhaps their destiny to show us how to live more flexibly on the edge of this wave of shifting reality. Perhaps it is our duty as our business and many others like us to offer new perspectives that open to the limitlessness of possibility in all we do – in health care, in finance, in connection with each other, in creating art, in sharing experience, in exploring what it means to be human. Perhaps we are being called to speak up about what we secretly have learned about the magic that is this life and not be ashamed to express it lest we be judged. Perhaps this is about recognizing that the time has come to accept the chaos and trust the intuitive guidance that will carry us out to a freedom beyond all structure?

“In order for change to happen, the pain of the status quo must be greater than the pain of the change” – I think we are almost there!

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