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Sureness, Belief and a Concrete Hope – The Bedrock of Change!

from Kellie:

In my Sunday reading of Crack in the Cosmic Egg by Joseph Chilton Pearce, I found a most astonishing story about a Chicago doctor who made a successful kidney transplant in the early days of such medical phenomena.  This doctor painstakingly recorded much data about the process and eventual recovery of the patient before declaring to the medical journals that he had indeed completed a successful kidney transplant. Based on his results, similar procedures were tried world-wide with huge margins of success. Interestingly, the Chicago doctor subsequently re-examined his findings and discovered that he had made mistakes in his data and the success was actually a failure.  No matter, the other kidney transplants were successful and  continue to this day to increasing success as a routine procedure. How can such a thing be possible? As Pearce noted “All that may have been needed was sureness, belief and a concrete hope”

I found this inspiring because it speaks so succinctly to the power that is our imaginations, ideas and (as William Blake put it) our divine genius. We are at our very core, creators and visionaries. If we bring awareness to what we create, imagine what might be the result? Focused, intentional creation — if it were up to you – what would that look like for yourself? for humanity? What change could be brought about through the power of our innate genius?

If you think the challenge to change the world is too great, think of the doctor whose erroneous discovery caused a life-saving procedure to become standard fare in the medical world. It is living proof that it can happen and that one person can be the catalyst for immense change.

President Obama is such a figure in present time. His efforts to effect change are a powerful reminder that nothing is impossible. There was another interesting quote that was part of this same trend of thought in Crack in the Cosmic Egg that I would like to share as a closing idea to ponder:

” If an  imaginative seed, the gist of an idea, can be planted, even though contrary to existent evidence, the seed can still grow and sooner or later produce confirmation. Data can be found to bolster the conviction. The desire for conviction can produce its own data, its own metaphoric mutation, even to its visual demonstration…..even if the bulk of current belief would have to be sacrificed [CHANGE] to give the new idea grounds for growth, a tenacious adherence in spite of all the contrary evidence will nevertheless slowly build up the possibility for the needs of the new idea to be met.”

In a time of fear and uncertainty, it is reassuring to understand how much power and potential we carry within us!

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