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Save this day for future reference!

from Kellie:

“Escaping” to Black Hawk ( a gambling casino village nestled in the mountains west of Denver) seemed like just that – an escape from the To Do list of our business and from the collective consciousness of fear and constriction that is so predominant these days. The decision to ‘go play’ had been preceded by a whiny rant that ended with “I give up! I just give up! I am tired of DOING!!” So it was that we found ourselves driving through the mountain vistas enroute to our playground….fugitives on the lam sensing freedom with every mile traversed. It felt good to drive that meditative drive through some pretty spectacular country. I felt the smile emerge from the inside out as I took a deep breath of release.

That is how the day began ….. how it ended exceeded our wildest imaginings!
For us, the fun always starts as we pay attention to our intuitive guidance system. As we were taught so well by Dr. Joe Gallenberger in both his MC2 program at The Monroe Institute and his Vegas Adventures experience- opening your heart to all that is possible is key. Together, we cruised the casino and won repeatedly. We were simply reaching into the quantum field to manifest in physical reality. With each successive win, confidence, joy and ‘clap your hands’ amazement grew. We were building a field of energetic ecstacy! The coup was my winning substantially on a machine that I simply found myself sitting at (it happens like that for me often – I call that my guidance system). As I sat before the dinging, celebrating machine waiting for the workers to deliver the winnings, I had ample time to survey my feelings and the magic of the moment. Obviously I was overjoyed- who wouldn’t be? – but there was something else. A sense of deep satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment and a definitive feeling of peace and letting go. Deeper still, and in reflection today, there is another layer of certainty emerging that sources from an unshakable knowing that I broke through ingrained beliefs about the whole business of limitless possibility and the potential of quantum reality. In that simple and joyful moment, I was changed.

The interesting piece that remains today is simply an inner smile that knows – if this happened, anything I choose can happen!

One other thing that made this such a perfect day – — we had some unexpected expenses that can now easily be paid with our winnings. That is the grace of reaching into the quantum field and receiving what you need! It can be your new ‘normal’ !

“The possibility of stepping into a higher plane is quite real for everyone. It requires no force or effort or sacrifice. It involves little more than
changing our ideas about what is normal.” Deepak Chopra

3 Responses

  1. Wow, that is so great! Very inspiring. This came at a good time – I needed a little pick me up.


    Connie Coffee

  2. Thank you for sharing once again. I am so glad that you articulated the magic of your moment(s) as it is another anchor for all of us who are exploring the “new normal.” I have been experiencing similar change and a feeling of elation at realizing I am experiencing real healing and real ability to manifest. I feel such gratitude and at the same time a funny “ah-ha” because it is not hard. It is actually easier than easy…it has to do a lot with repatterning and trust, as well as flowing with the resulting inertia that happens once you start taking risks. Thank you to you and Terry for sharing and your commitment.

  3. […] into new perspective. Where did this begin? Actually with the post about my winning at gambling – “Save this day for Future Reference”.  As I sensed then, something opened up in that moment of success…the letting go into the […]

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