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Investing in Manifesting

It is a basic law of physics in this reality that “energy in = energy out”. ‘Investing’ in anything by inputting energy (be it attention of any kind: focus, action, money, time, research, inquiry, study) is part of the schematic for successful execution of personal vision. Personal Vision is the vehicle that moves on the flow of our human and spiritual existence. When we are able to navigate physical life with ease and grace; when we are in a place of total trust in our own ability to create a next iteration of our life; when we freely choose our actions from the stillness and nothingness of being – then we have achieved facility with and are living our Personal Vision.

We recently attended a weekend training seminar in San Diego for a process called Matrix Energetics. It was a transformative approach to healing that felt very much aligned with our Emergent Coach business that is all about illuminating limitless possibilities  often obscured from view. Between the excitement of having discovered another tool to expand our skills and engaging our imaginations in the myriad of ways this could change everything for us, were ‘thought landmines’ that cast doubt on our joyful focus: “Should we go? It is soooo expensive and the economy is so bad. Maybe we should conserve and just read the book. You never know when that money might be needed!”

Our Survival Self had emerged bringing fear, contraction and worry about our fiscal security and safety. Certainly in the collective present history of America, this Self dominates. You only need look at daily reports of layoffs, losses, predictions of continued lack to support to understand why that Survival Self showed up. This Self’s voice is both loud, oppressive and doing its job to express caution.

By standing in awareness between the part of us that held the hopeful vision of promise and the part that was frozen with the concerns of responsibility, we were able to prioritize our dedication to learning and innovation. Our actions were predicated on trusting our internal compass that had guided us to invest in and explore a synergistic process. In this spirit of conscious choice, we were empowered and courageous, curious and creative…ready to move, anxious for change and excited about the next doorway through which we were walking. We chose learning and growth over preservation and security. We chose to invest in the process of manifesting.

The end result of our adventure is still unfolding. What we do know is we are changed by the experience and that we have stepped more fully into our version of Personal Vision. We are another experience deeper into recognizing that we are not separate from our multi-dimensionality. Because we listened to the voice of Personal Vision,  more abundance, awareness and resilience are flowing to us.

Why are we sharing this ‘slice of our life’ story?

-We discovered how the principle of breaking with Old Patterns of behavior by stepping out, taking a risk and actively inputting
energy into a Personal Vision actually works! In taking action we delivered the message to the Universe that we
were serious about something new in life. We initiated the process of creating a New Pattern out of  the quantum field of possibility…

-We also opened ourselves up to receive rather than to close down and survive. Receive means finding what you are good at
(what makes you come alive when you talk about it), acting to bring that into your life, letting go of what gets in the way and

making choices that support that path of action.

-We discovered that receiving also means trusting what you hear from your inner voice. It is the scaffolding that constructs confidence in your vision
and movement in your life.

– Energy in = Energy flow = initiation of the communication loop with the Universe that brings about manifesting of Personal
Vision. In the multidimensional ocean within which we swim, all events are not only possible but they exist within our reach.
We can access all of who we are because we are not separate from any of the iterations of ‘us’ in the quantum field.

– Was it fun? Truthfully, it was chaotically crazy and weird. Did we grow? uncategorically YES!

An interesting concept of creating is written in Crack in the Cosmic Egg by Joseph Chilton Pearce. He defines the steps to idea building as preparation (the first spark), incubation (letting go, being blank), illumination ( Eureka! becoming reality), verification (testing the truth). From our experience, we would add: committment (hold it in your heart), receiving (allow), action (fashion it with your own hand).

“You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.”

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”

Join us for our    Manifesting teleclass series      beginning April 2009 (www.theemergentcoach.com)

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  1. re: receiving vs. survival mode
    I was in the former when I stayed up until 5 in the morning writing — instead of spending my waking hours wading through customer service (or other tedious) job listings! Time seems to stand still…it’s complete and utter absorption.

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