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Finding the Third Space Experience/ Finding Our Heartfelt Center

The following is a quote from the introduction to a book we recently and thankfully discovered entitled, Doing Nothing by Steven Harrison “What do you do after you’ve tried everything to find enlightenment? Do Nothing. Nothing is a surprisingly active place. It is here that we discover who and what we are. Harrison provides a life-changing map to that space between our thoughts where consciousness is active. […his book] offers seekers a way to touch the truths of life through the simple act of stopping the search:Doing Nothing” ” Doing nothing ” is not really about ‘doing nothing’ in the physical sense of those words. It identifies a place of inner stillness that allows true communication, deep and meaningful listening to ourSelves and the amazing discovery that this is the place where nourishing fullness and unconditional love lives….

In our work at The Emergent Coach, our teleclass Path to Choice begins the journey to self-acceptance and conscious self-knowledge by introducing participants to the Emergent Third Space. In the inner quiet of this place, one begins to perceive something outside our incessant thought-modules that insist we adhere to a cultural set of beliefs to be accepted, safe and NORMAL. The thought-modules that enslave us to doing, producing and supposedly progressing on the road to ‘happiness’ although, try as hard as we try, we never seem to get THERE. As the fog of thought-modules subsides in the Third Space we are offered a view free of our psychic construct….free of the Selves that have developed in response to the thought-modules biddings – the Pushers, the Rational Minds, the Perfectionists, the Judges and the Critics – all the Selves that keep us enslaved to the illusive pursuit of inner peace, happiness and enlightenment: (the Pusher) “You are wrong to stop working…no matter how tired or exhausted you feel” (the Rational Mind) “Deal with the facts do not let emotion govern your actions” (the Perfectionist) “Keep doing over and over until it is Perfect–no such thing as good enough” (the Judge) “I am better than the guy who is driving the SUV because I am spiritual and more aware and less greedy than him” (the Critic) “You never measure up to the big guys – you don’t have enough material possessions, smarts, business acumen -you will never be successful without ….” This a recipe for spiralling into hopeless despair and confusion – what we are told about our ability to control and manipulate our reality is a lie. Doing Nothing points out that we are part of an ever-changing landscape of existence…that by our very nature we are dynamic beings and that stasis is unnatural to our inner sense of normality. In the Third Space experience, we connect with our dynamic potential and we find the peace, happiness and enlightenment we have been seeking externally. This is a place full of potential for discovering our common ground with every being on this planet – the possibility that we are more alike others than different from, less than or greater than them. We see the homeless person, the wealthy person, the mother with four children, the professional as individuals with whom we wish to communicate – to ask – “Tell me about what matters to you? How can we embrace each other?” What a radical departure from the competitive separateness of our present belief system! What a respectful acknowledgment that we are at our core are the same being in different costumes! Doing Nothing and our own work in Path to Choice provides a place where we can watch, interact, understand and grow to love the behaviors of ourSelves and in so doing, we open the door to profound communication with everyone of our fellow human travelers in this planetary and galactic journey.

2 Responses

  1. Word, y’all.

    Thanks for holding the Space.

  2. Profound, yet so simple in concept.

    I love this statement: “What a respectful acknowledgment that we are at our core are the same being in different costumes!”

    Now, if we could just all embrace that thought…..

    I agree with alien baby, or as as my oldest son would say, when I managed to say something that he thought was cool — “word up!!”

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