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Our LasVegas PK Experience Adventure and the After-glow

A few weeks ago, we embarked on a “LasVegas PK(psychokinesis) Experience Adventure”. It was a 3-day exploration of our ability to influence our environment – specifically dice in the game of craps. What this workshop taught us went far beyond the casino and reached into our daily life in unexpected and profound ways.

We were drawn to Joe Gallenberger’s LasVegas Adventure as a result of completing his home study course called SyncCreation and by our experience with him as a facilitator at The Monroe Institute during a week-long residential course called MC2. During our time there, participants were taught to bend spoons, light lights with their hands and grow seeds into seedlings – all very magical and memorable moments – through access to something we learned about called “PK energy” (psychokinesis or telekinesis). The focus of the Vegas weekend was to teach participants to access that same energy and use it to influence outcomes of rolling dice in the game of craps.

Through raising our heart energy and eliminating personal blocks that prevented being in a connected, loving space, we learned the amazing truth of our personal capabilities. As we trooped down from our meeting room at the hotel to the casino, we collectively held heart space energy and surrounded the craps table and the rollers of the dice with love and joy. The results were nothing short of astounding – two of our group rolled uninterrupted for 20 and 25 minutes respectively … and…. joyfully, we all participated in their good fortune. Several participants enjoyed collateral prosperity at the poker machines in the casino also – receiving ‘4-of-a-kind’ results far beyond the statistical probabilities. Terry exhibited high intuitive PK and not only rolled successively but also had hot fingers at the slot machines. At the Vegas airport, we were picking winning slot machines regularly!

The ultimate goal of the experience was a recognition of the limitless possibilities available to us we can apply to every aspect of our daily lives. True to its promise, our return to Denver brought a series of subtle awakenings that have definitively moved us into a new level of existence and the clear realization that success at craps was only the physical manifestation of something that was freed in the spirit.

At first, it seemed we were not able to unblock what stopped our business prosperity and there were emotional moments that left us asking in big capital letters “WHAT??????” Then we booked a session with Joe to help us focus on what was going on. Literally the next day, it was as if the heavens opened – opportunities began to appear for our work, the sale of Terry’s condo materialized, we heard from clients who had not been around for months, and best of all we received notice that our long awaited Outreach Training course at the Monroe Institute was available for application — the confidence and trust in abundance surely showed its peacock colors and we were and continue to be delighted as well as open to whatever happens —- a very different perspective !

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  1. Thank you for the very kind words and clear description of what goes on in the SyncCreation course and the Veags adventures. I continue to wish you every joy and creativity.
    Joe Gallenberger

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