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Welcome to The Emergent Coach’s Blog — A Home for Unusual Perspective

We live in the land of secrets and interminable promises about how we can be fixed. At Third Space Chronicles we believe there is a need to provide an antidote to the pervasive perspective that there is something wrong with us – everyone of us. Every day we receive messages that we are flawed – too angry, too de-focused, too lazy, too arrogant, not productive enough, not courageous enough and just plain unfit to succeed in life — and in order to live the way we SHOULD, we are in desperate need of repair…our broken parts need mending. We suggest that no one needs to be fixed because we are not broken.

We have discovered through our work at our business, The Emergent Coach, that what stands in anyone’s way is simply a lack of awareness of who (what part of us) is actually in control of our everyday, all consuming, operating ego. From our years of experience in practicing a profound process called Voice Dialogue, we know that developing a consciousness of what part of us is in control in any life circumstance gives us ultimate choice and that in itself is sufficient to navigate unbroken in life. We suggest that learning this skill will allow us to operate from, what we call the Third Space -that ideal place between the landscape of spirit and the landscape of good old Mother Earth, – and will bring us into a more wise way to live in the world.

Often it seems that religions and spiritually-based organizations want us to give up all that is worldly and move into a purely spiritual space. Why we ask? What is the point of coming into this physical life if our sole focus is to escape from it? We submit that our Mother Earth experience is just as spiritual as every other experience! Why separate anything? If we are powerful in spirit then we are powerful in body.

The essence of who we are exists all places and at all times.

There is no improving on the given body or soul. We are perfect as we are. So lose the pronouncement that you need something in order to improve. You need nothing but a ‘tweek’ in awareness. Stop listening to everyone tell you that you are flawed and in need of repair. They are coming from their need to fix. There is no basis in fact for needing to be anything more than we are right now, in every moment, in our entire life! Enjoy yourself. Be here to be here and give up following the herd mentality that is itself lost and looking for the ‘promised land’ of wholeness….

Truth is – it lies exactly where they wouldn’t find it…. Inside!

Third Space Chronicles is dedicated to sharing discoveries that lead the way to new thinking and being. Our focus is to uncover that which expands potential and encourages living in the wholeness that is our birthright. We are bad, good, child, adult, angry, peaceful, arrogant, compassionate and so much more. When we learn to love all that we contain, when we embrace our limitlessness, when we live in relationship to others from the landscape of the Third Space, we see that following our own internal compass is the only directive we need to heed. Welcome to our blog. We look forward to creating a community of exploration that illuminates the possibilities inherent in our human experience…..we hope you join, share and grow as we do.

4 Responses

  1. Great first post!

    I love the insights that you have presented here, and can relate to most of what you have to say. Knowing that all we need to do is to look deep within ourselves to find our truth/our desire is so profoundly simple, yet we seemingly cling to this notion that we need to fix our broken selves is too often the prevailing belief around how to find our way out of our pain. Yes… we are perfect as we are.

    I forward to reading more

  2. I’m pretty excited about what you’re up to here! This fits in nicely with the self-love approach that I believe is key to successful deliberate creation.

    Can’t wait to read more!

  3. Hi Jeanette – thanks for your comment – feel free to peruse our latest posts – and we would love your thoughts on those too!

  4. I really didn’t steal from you! 🙂 Just got around to reading this. It goes well with what I was trying to say this week — even used the term ‘internal compass’ myself. Guess great minds think alike.

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